5 Tips for Buying Moonshine Still: A True Story of Finding the Perfect Batch [Expert Advice]

5 Tips for Buying Moonshine Still: A True Story of Finding the Perfect Batch [Expert Advice]

What is buy moonshine?

Buy moonshine is the act of purchasing homemade, illegally distilled liquor typically made in rural areas or by small distilleries. Moonshine is often associated with American history and culture, but it can still be found for sale today.

  • Moonshine got its name because it was traditionally distilled at night when the light of the moon wouldn’t give away the illegal activity.
  • Moonshine is usually made from corn mash or other grains and has a high alcohol content, often between 40-60 percent ABV.
  • The production and sale of moonshine is illegal in most places in the United States, so buyers should exercise caution when purchasing.

Buy Moonshine: Common FAQ Answered Before You Purchase

Moonshine, also known as white lightning, is a type of distilled spirit that has been around for centuries. It’s often associated with bootlegging, illegal activity and stigmas attached to it. However, it’s important to note that not all moonshine is created equal and there are plenty of legitimate producers offering quality products today. Before you go out to buy moonshine, here are some common questions answered.

What is Moonshine made from?

Moonshine can be made from any type of grain, including corn, rye or wheat. It’s the high alcohol content that gives the spirit its kick.

Is Moonshine legal?

Yes and no. While traditional backwoods-type distilling is still illegal in many areas without permits or pertinent licenses, there are legitimate distilleries producing high-quality moonshine across the country.

Why do people drink Moonshine?

One reason people turn to moonshine is because of its unique taste profile unachievable through other alcohols. The potent flavor results in hard hitting punch like drinks when mixed with dark sodas such as colas or fruit juices which are particularly popular among curious drinkers who seek novel tastes rather than just drinking generic mainstream beverages.

But I’ve heard it’s dangerous!

This myth comes from the fact that early versions were sometimes homemade in unsanitary conditions leading to unfortunate incidents. Fortunately commercial manufacturers have taken precautions now so purchasing from reputable distilleries ensure your safety.

How should I drink Moonshine?

Traditionally sipping straight out of a mason jar was considered authentic way but now by mixing flavors together like apple pie flavored moonshines into an autumn batch cocktail instead of going with usual boring ones can amazingly tantalize those taste buds too due to new experimental recipes which allow this once harsh alcohol into an unexpectedly diverse category.

Where can I find good Moonshine?

With increasing demand for legitimized regional based distilleries nearby bars usually stock selections locally made. A suggestion would be to check online or ask around for any recommendations to grab the authentic taste of this high-proof beverage.

So, if you are tired of plain old vodka and want to try something with a bit more character then Moonshine is definitely worth a go. Just ensure that you’re buying from legal sellers, using responsible drinking behavior and all precautions taken!

The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know Before You Buy Moonshine

As the popularity of moonshine continues to rise, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before making a purchase. From its legal status to its distillation process, here are the top five facts you need to know before buying moonshine.

1. The Legal Status
Moonshine has had a complicated history with the law, and that’s something important to consider when making a purchase. In most cases, it is still illegal to produce or sell unlicensed moonshine in America. However, some states have legalized the sale of high-proof distilled spirits, which means that licensed distilleries can produce and distribute legal moonshine.

2. The Ingredients
Traditional moonshine is made from corn mash, but modern-day versions can be produced using a variety of grains or ingredients like fruit juice. If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, make sure to check the ingredient list carefully before making your purchase.

3. The Distillation Process
One thing that sets moonshine apart from other types of alcohol is its unique distillation process. Unlike commercially-produced liquor which goes through multiple rounds of distillation and filtration, traditional moonshine is typically only distilled once in a simple pot still. This means that there may be more impurities and flavor variations present in each batch.

4. The Proof
Moonshine is known for being high-proof- meaning it contains a higher percentage of alcohol than other types of liquor like wine or beer. Traditionally, this has been anywhere from 80-190 proof (40%-95% alcohol) but these days legal varieties are much lower in general around 30%.

5. The Flavor Profile
As mentioned earlier due to limited filtration during production batches will vary significantly leading to different flavors compared with other liquors on the market which undergo more intense processing techniques leading towards greater consistency and uniformity when manufacturing at scale.

In conclusion,
Buying Moonshine may seem straightforward enough but by understanding its complexities can lead to a better-informed decision when purchasing. Remember, always check your local laws first and do your research when deciding on which bottle to buy.

Moonshine Buying Tips: How to Get the Best Quality for Your Buck

Moonshine is a word that traces its roots all the way back to America’s early colonial history. Although its production was outlawed for many years, it has recently been making a comeback as a popular and unique spirit in the market.

Before you go out and buy your first bottle of moonshine, there are essential things to consider including quality, pricing, and authenticity. Here are some moonshine buying tips on how to get the best quality for your buck.

Look for Recommendations

Like any other purchase, it’s best to get recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have had experiences with different brands. Ask them about their favorite moonshine distillery or brand because they could give helpful insights on how to judge authentic or high-quality ones over the fakes.


Price isn’t always an indicator of quality; however, some cheap bottles tend to be low quality with unsafe additives that can be harmful when ingested. The safest approach is not to choose based on price as sometimes expensive bottles might also end up disappointing you; rather, let your research guide you.

Check Labels Carefully

The label offers helpful information such as proof level, type of grain used (corn or barley), and distilling location. Authentic moonshines should have clear and informative labeling with detailed information on alcohol strength, date of production among others.

Go Local

One way of ensuring the authenticity of what you purchase is going local since craft distillers tend to deal primarily in small-batch productions using traditional methods much like those from history books. Small farms often double up as quality control officers when locally sourcing ingredients such as grains because they understand what grows where better than other multinational companies do.

Choose Clear over Colored Moonshine

Clear moonshines may seem less exciting than colored ones at first sight; however, choosing the clearer version means less coloring agents and potentially fewer additives.

In Summary,

There are several factors involved in getting the best quality moonshine. As such, it’s prudent always to consider authenticity, quality, pricing, and brand reputation when making purchases. By following these moonshine buying tips mentioned above, you can avoid buying fake or low-quality moonshines while getting the perfect bottle for your taste preferences.

An Insider’s Look at Where to Buy Moonshine Online and In-Person

Moonshine is often thought of as a relic of American Prohibition, conjuring up images of backwoods stills hidden away from the prying eyes of law enforcement. However, more and more people have been seeking out this potent liquor in recent years. Whether you’re looking to experience a bit of history or just enjoy some high-proof booze, there are many places both online and in-person where you can buy moonshine.

Online shopping has become the norm for many consumers, and buying moonshine is no exception. There are many websites devoted to selling illegal liquor, however, it may be difficult to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams. This is why it’s important to use caution when purchasing alcohol online.

One popular site for buying moonshine is Moonshine Distiller (www.moonshinedistiller.com). This website offers a variety of different types of illegally distilled spirits such as vodka, rum, whiskey, gin and brandy. The site also sells distilling equipment for those adventurous enough to try their hand at making their own.

Another option is Looking Glass Distillery (www.lgdistillery.com), which lets customers choose from several varieties including barrel-aged corn whiskey or rye whiskey bottled at 126-proof.

However, before you jump headfirst into the world of online moonshining make sure to check on your state laws regarding purchasing alcohol online since it’s strongly advised not purchase Moonshine across states borders due to Federal interstate commerce rules.

If shopping in person sounds like more fun but you don’t want to take any risks consider taking a trip down south where finding authentic moonshine isn’t that difficult.Experts suggest that the Appalachian Mountains remain the go-to location for sampling locally made shine.

Some popular spots include:

1) Gatlinburg Tennessee: Here visitors can sample spirits at Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine’s iconic storefront.But remember even though its legal on paper once again make sure to consult with the law in your state.

2) Copperhead Distillery in Ottowa, Ohio: Another option for those north of the Mason Dixon Line is Copperhead Distillery. They have also allegedly created an Apple Pie moonshine that even drew positive reviews from celebrity chefs.

Choose Wisely

When shopping for moonshine, it’s important to keep in mind the risks associated with consuming illegal liquor. Unlicensed distillers may use harmful additives or distilling methods that can result in poisonous compounds such as methanol getting into the final product which could lead to severe harm and hospitalization.

Be sure to purchase only from reputable sources and enjoy this high-proof liquor responsibly- remember just because its moonshine doesn’t mean it should negative affect your decision-making capabilities.

Breaking Down the Legalities of Buying Moonshine in Different States

While moonshine may be a popular cultural reference in movies and TV shows, purchasing the illegal liquor is a different story. Moonshine production has long been considered illegal by federal law and the majority of states in the U.S. due to safety concerns surrounding unregulated alcohol distillation and distribution.

However, there have been recent changes in some states’ regulations regarding moonshine production and consumption. So let’s break down the legalities of buying moonshine in different states.

First off, what exactly is moonshine? The term “moonshine” refers to any type of alcohol that is produced illegally without proper licensing and regulations from government agencies. Moonshiners typically produce their own spirits using cheaper ingredients like corn or sugar, resulting in high alcohol content with less refined taste than commercial liquors.

The federal government passed a law called the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA) which mandates that all distilled spirits sold within the United States must be labeled as such on their packaging’s label or other communication with customers. Under these guidelines, “moonshine” would not qualify for such labeling or distribution since it lacks proper regulation by designated government agencies. Therefore, selling moonshine anywhere within US borders would technically be considered illegal.

However, some states have taken upon themselves to regulate homemade liquor production through licensure programs governing small-scale alcoholic beverage operations known as craft distilleries. These artisanal distilleries may produce whiskies, gins, vodkas or rums made from locally-sourced ingredients that are then bottled for commercial sale under state provisions similar to microbreweries for beer complete with tasting rooms.

In addition to these exceptions-states have also become lenient about possession laws regarding consumer-formulated wines made at home instead of specifying exclusions entirely as they had done previously with illicit spirit making on their books

Moreover- In certain areas where bootleggers were once prolific during Prohibition era–such as Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Tennessee or Kentucky–new state laws have prevailed that allow legal production and sale of unaged corn whiskey (Moonshine in other words) as long as its made using traditional methods.

To Summarize, while moonshine is still considered illegal under federal law, some states have created regulations for small-scale craft distilleries to produce safe and regulated versions of homemade liquor. Consumers that decide to create whiskey or even wine from home should abide by proper methods, maintain updated licenses required to do so- otherwise they may be subjected to fines or worst case, criminal charges. Always ensure your safety when consuming unregulated alcoholic products!

Buying Real vs Fake Moonshine: How to Spot the Difference and Make Smart Purchases.

Moonshine is a traditional, rustic and potent alcoholic beverage that has been enjoyed in most parts of the world, especially in the United States. Produced by illicit distillers, this unaged white whiskey, also known as white lightning or mountain dew, was initially fermented from a mixture of cornmeal, sugar, yeast and water. Over time, moonshine production techniques have evolved significantly with the introduction of new ingredients such as fruits and spices.

While homemade authentic moonshine is still available in some places today for personal use only, there are many counterfeit versions on the market that can be harmful to your health. It’s essential to know how to differentiate between real and fake moonshine so that you can make smart purchases every time.

So what makes real moonshine different from fake moonshine? Let’s have a look!

The Ingredients

Firstly, let’s talk about the ingredients. Genuine moonshine is made up of traditional ingredients like corn meal or mash that have been fermented along with yeast and sugar before being distilled further into liquor. The fermentation process allows natural bacteria to consume sugars within the mash mixture thus turning them into alcohol thereby producing an unaged white whiskey which undergoes minimal filtering before storing it into oak barrels for aging.

On the other hand, counterfeit versions will often include additives such as dyes or artificial flavors to imitate authentic moonshine without including any actual spirits at all. These additives could harm your health because they don’t undergo regulation testing when produced illegally.


Real traditional moonshines usually contain high levels of alcohol proof since distillation occurs mostly without proper regulation measures which result in stronger content than commercially available products.

Fake manufacturers try mimicking the taste and intensity of genuine brews through adding significant amounts of alcohol which sometimes go beyond legal thresholds resulting in hazardous effects on someone’s general well-being.


Packaging plays an important role in determining whether or not you have ‘real’ moonshine. Authentic artisanal producers will often use recycled jars, glass bottles with rusted metal caps, or even milk jugs, that may not be professionally labeled.

On the other hand, fake moonshine manufacturers will spend more time creating packaging that appears legitimate in terms of labeling and branding. Generally, counterfeit products will feature mass-produced labeling with little to no attention paid to the quality of printing materials used.

Quality control and regulation

Authentic distillers are bound to follow strict legal protocols when producing authentic alcohol. Moonshiners have strict regulations regarding production and transportation for commercial consumption whereby varieties produced by authorized companies undergo regular inspections thereby ensuring they meet the required standards.

Not only this but genuine moonshines are also homogenized regularly which involves testing vodka for toxins like methanol before bottling them ensuring consumer safety hence making it far less effective than fake varieties out there.

In summary; buying real vs fake moonshine is essential because consuming wrong batches can cause severe health consequences. Genuine brews come from traditional ingredients such as cornmeal or fruit which undergo professional processing by artisanal distilleries while fake ones often include additives that may pose a threat to your general well-being.

The next time you order at the bar or liquor shop always check on the proof level before purchasing bottles wrapped in fancy printed labels scrutinizing each aspect keenly to make sure it’s an authentic brew genuinely worth tasting!

Table with useful data:

Type Price Availability
Traditional moonshine $20-$30 per gallon Available online and at some liquor stores
Flavored moonshine $30-$40 per gallon Available online and at some liquor stores
White lightning moonshine $40-$50 per gallon Available online and at some specialty stores
Customized moonshine Price varies Available through private distillers and online retailers

Information from an expert:

As an expert on the subject of moonshine, I highly advise against buying moonshine from untrustworthy sources. Moonshine is a dangerous beverage that is often produced in unsanitary conditions and can contain harmful impurities. It’s essential to purchase moonshine from reputable producers who use proper distilling equipment and adhere to strict safety guidelines. Additionally, be wary of counterfeit products that claim to be authentic moonshine but are made with subpar ingredients. To ensure the highest quality and safest product, only buy from trusted brands or wineries with established reputations for producing high-quality spirits.

Historical fact:

During Prohibition, moonshine production and sales thrived in the United States as people sought alternative sources of alcohol. Moonshine was often made in homemade stills from corn and sugar, and could be dangerous due to its high alcohol content and lack of regulation.