Unleashing the Power of What is Everclear 120 Proof: A Story of High Spirits and Practical Tips [Ultimate Guide]

Unleashing the Power of What is Everclear 120 Proof: A Story of High Spirits and Practical Tips [Ultimate Guide]

What is everclear 120 proof?

Everclear 120 proof is a high-proof grain alcohol that is known for its potency. With an alcohol content of up to 60%, it’s one of the strongest alcoholic beverages available in the market. Everclear 120 proof should be used with caution and in moderation due to its high alcohol content, which can cause severe side effects if consumed excessively.

How to Make Everclear 120 Proof: A Step-by-Step Guide

Everclear is known for its high alcohol content, making it a popular choice in many alcoholic beverages. Coming in at 120 proof, it packs quite the punch and is not for the faint of heart. Making Everclear at home may seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple steps and precautions, anyone can do it.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Before beginning the process of making Everclear 120 proof, gather all necessary supplies. This includes a distillation unit (such as a reflux still), a receiving vessel to collect the alcohol, grains or sugar to ferment, water, yeast, and a hydrometer to measure alcohol content.

Step 2: Fermentation

The first step in the process is fermentation. Begin by mixing your chosen grains or sugar with water in a sterilized container. The ratio of ingredients will depend on personal preference and desired outcome, but typically four pounds of grain or five pounds of sugar per gallon of water is sufficient.

Once mixed thoroughly, add yeast and cover the container loosely with plastic wrap or an airlock. Allow this mixture to ferment for several days until no more bubbles are forming.

Step 3: Distillation

After fermentation has finished and the mixture has reached an alcohol content between 8-12%, it’s time to begin distillation. Start by adding your fermented mixture to the boiling chamber of your distillation unit.

As heat is applied to the boiling chamber, steam will rise through a column filled with packing material (copper mesh or ceramic saddles) which helps increase surface area for better purification. Eventually reaching an attached condenser unit where it turns back into liquid form due to rapid cooling.

The resulting liquid that collects in your receiving vessel will have increased alcohol percentage compared to what was put in due to evaporation that occurs during pressurized heated conditions (ie: boiling).

Continue collecting this liquid until its percentage stabilizes at around 60-65% alcohol content. This is your “low wine”. We will now further purify this to reach 120 proof.

Step 4: Second Distillation

Next phase is called double distilling. The low wine that we collected from the first distillation run should be put back into the boiling chamber of the still and undergo another distillation process with copper mesh or ceramic saddle in place.

As before, heat is applied until steam rises through the packing material and reaches condensation point where it drips down into collection vessel becoming more purified and potent in alcoholic content.

This step may be repeated several times until desired potency of Everclear is achieved at roughly 95% alcohol by volume (190 proof).

Step 5: Dilute

After reaching 190 proof some may prefer to stick with that high concentration level. For safety reasons however, it’s recommended if you choose to dilute (or re-proof) near end of process in order to make a second batch larger while maintaining an acceptable drinkable quality (60-70% alcohol). To do this add around three gallons of distilled water for every one gallon of grain alcohol used.

Adding too much water at once can cause cloudiness or even spoilage so measure carefully using your hydrometer as guide for safe range around 50-70%. And remember not put any other flavors like fruit flavors or colors as this may ruin the taste and overall value of your homemade clear spirit.

Step 6: Final Test

Once diluted, give your Everclear mixture a good stir or shake to evenly distribute its contents, then let it sit for an hour or two prior to final testing. Take a hydrometer reading again after waiting period has passed which provides accurate measurement when determining final proof levels.

In Summary:

Making Everclear 120 proof is a multi-step process requiring patience but ultimately resulting in self-satisfaction knowing you made something completely on your own from scratch. For some, DIY distilling is both a science and an art form which can take time to master.

Finally for safety reasons, remember the legal limits of alcohol content allowed in your area and know that it’s illegal to sell or distribute homemade spirits without proper licensing and permits. Always enjoy responsibility, whatever the proof may be!

Everclear 120 Proof FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered

Everclear 120 proof has long been a favorite of bartenders, mixologists and party-goers alike. This high-proof grain alcohol packs a punch, offering a quick buzz with only a few sips. But with great power comes great responsibility – this potent spirit requires some serious caution when it comes to serving and consumption.

To help you better understand the ins and outs of Everclear 120 proof, we’ve put together this FAQ with all your burning questions answered.

What is Everclear 120 proof?

Everclear 120 proof is a high-proof grain alcohol that is distilled from corn and bottled at an astonishingly high proof of 60% ABV (alcohol by volume). It’s one of the strongest alcoholic spirits available on the market today.

What are some popular uses for Everclear 120 Proof?

Due to its high-proof content, Everclear 120 Proof is often used as an ingredient in cocktails where other alcohols may be too weak. Additionally, it can also be used in recipes for things like tinctures or homemade extracts that call for infused booze.

Can I drink Everclear straight?

We would strongly recommend against drinking Everclear 120 Proof straight due to its incredibly high ABV content. While some people do choose to drink it neat, most people prefer to dilute it with mixers such as sodas or juices before consuming.

Is it legal to purchase Everclear 120 Proof?

The legality of purchasing Everclear varies across states and countries. In the United States, you can buy it in Utah where it’s sold exclusively through state liquor stores. However, several states have banned this high-grade spirit due to concerns over safety risks and abuse potential.

What precautions should I take when using or serving Everclear?

When using or serving ever-clear it’s essential to remember that this powerful alcohol needs special consideration when dealing with storage or consumption. Here are some precautions you should always take when using Everclear 120 Proof:

1. Store it properly: Make sure to store Everclear 120 proof in an area that is cool, dark and inaccessible to children.

2. Measure your pours: Always measure the exact amount of Everclear that goes into any recipe or cocktail, especially when hosting a party with minors present.

3. Dilute it for consumption: Since drinking undiluted alcohol can cause serious injury or death, always mix Everclear with water before serving.

4. Use caution during flaming recipes: Although a fun addition to some cocktails like the Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot, if you choose to use Everclear in spectacles like these (i.e., setting alight), be aware of the potential safety risks involved and ensure you follow all precautions carefully.

In conclusion

While it’s undoubtedly true that Everclear 120 Proof has gained immense popularity amongst mixologists and bartenders (and daredevil drinkers) since its release, this spirit commands respect, caution and attention above all else.

Whether used as a unique ingredient in drinks or crafted into high-impact tinctures and extracts, when handled responsibly – this high-proof grain alcohol packs plenty of potent joys whilst remaining safe for measured consumption. So cheers – But remember always to drink responsibly!

Is Everclear 120 Proof Safe? Top 5 Facts You Need to Know

Everclear is a grain alcohol that has been around for over 160 years. It is made of high proof, neutral spirits, and comes in two strengths- 151 Proof (75% alcohol content) and 190 Proof (95% alcohol content). But for those who need an extra kick in their drink or recipe, there is also Everclear 120 Proof (60% alcohol content).

The question arises- Is Everclear 120 Proof safe? Here are the top five facts you need to know before consuming or using this high-proof spirit:

1. Potent Effects on the Body
Everclear’s high alcohol content can cause a quick rise in blood alcohol levels with just one shot. It can lead to harmful effects such as nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, or even breathing problems.

2. Legal Restrictions
Everclear is not legal in every state of America due to its high potency level. In states like California and Florida, it can only be sold at liquor stores licensed by the state but is banned in some states like Iowa, Michigan & West Virginia.

3. Dangerous if Not Diluted
It needs to be handled with care while making cocktails or any other recipes as it cannot be consumed directly without diluting it first or adding mixers like fruit juices.it won’t give flavor but just adds alcoholic potency.

4. Flammable Liquid
This potent spirit has a highly flammable nature; therefore one should avoid using it near heat sources such as stoves or flame-setting devices while preparing a dish.

5. Restricted Age Limit
The consumption of Everclear 120 proof and other spirits with higher strength levels are not advisable for an individual under the age limit of twenty-one(21) years since much younger teenagers may consume without proper diligence and understanding of its effects.

In conclusion,

Consuming EverClear 120 Proof carries significant risks that must be taken seriously by individuals planning on using it for recreational purposes or in their dishes. The only safe way to enjoy this product is by diluting it and keeping it away from heat sources. It is best for individuals to weigh the potential risks before deciding to use the Everclear 120 Proof grain alcohol, as improper usage may cause harm to one’s body and put them in dangerous situations.

Mixing with Everclear 120 Proof: Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Drink

When it comes to mixing cocktails, the alcohol that you use can make all the difference. While there are a multitude of spirits available, one that stands out for its potency is Everclear 120 proof. This grain alcohol packs a serious punch and requires careful attention when incorporating it into cocktail recipes. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you perfect your drinks.

Before diving into the specifics of mixing with Everclear, it’s important to take note of its strength. At 120 proof (that’s 60% alcohol by volume), this spirit is twice as strong as standard vodka or rum, meaning you need to be cautious not to overdo it on the pour. A little goes a long way, so start with small measurements until you’re comfortable with this high-powered spirit.

One tip when working with Everclear is to dilute it before incorporating it into cocktails – either by using less of it in combination with other spirits or by adding water or juice to bring down the overall strength of the drink. This will prevent overwhelming your guests (or yourself!) and make for a more balanced cocktail.

When selecting ingredients to mix with Everclear 120 proof, consider flavors that can stand up to its powerful taste. Think bold, tart fruits like cranberry or lemon, spicy elements such as ginger or jalapeño, and sweet components like honey or simple syrup. A good rule of thumb is to avoid milder ingredients like cucumber or melon which might end up being overpowered by the alcohol.

And last but not least: presentation matters! Don’t forget to dress up your drinks with fresh fruit garnish or colored sugar rims; choosing an elegant glassware also helps elevate your cocktail game – remember people eat and drink first trough their eyes!

So whether you’re looking to add some extra oomph to a classic recipe like a Margarita or experiment with something entirely new using our tips, mixing with Everclear 120 proof can help take your cocktail game to the next level.


The History and Evolution of Everclear 120 Proof

Everclear 120 Proof is not just any ordinary spirit. This clear, colorless grain alcohol has been a go-to choice for people who love to experiment with different cocktails and shots. With its high alcohol content of 60% ABV, Everclear 120 Proof has become an essential ingredient in the bar industry around the world. But have you ever wondered how this potent drink came into existence? Let’s take a closer look at the history and evolution of Everclear 120 Proof.

The Origins:

Distilled spirits are often associated with European countries like Scotland, Ireland, and France. However, Everclear was born on American soil – specifically in New York City by a company called “Glenmore Distilleries.” In the early 1900s, prohibition was imposed across several states in the United States, which caused many distilleries to shut down. Glenmore Distilleries found an opportunity to produce legal spirits such as whiskey after prohibition ended but wanted to create something unique that wasn’t readily available in stores. This led them to create an ultra-pure distilled spirit called Clear Spring Grain Alcohol.

Clear Spring was first introduced in 1953 at a time when mixed drinks were becoming increasingly popular. The tasteless and odorless grain alcohol become widely used among bartenders as it helped mask less flavorfully dense liquors in various cocktails.

Clear Spring Tastes Success:

Once Clear Spring became successful at bars nationwide, Glenmore Distillery decided to rebrand it under the name Everclear in 1979 because of trademark issues with another brand that had similar names or products within its portfolio offering other types of alcohols worldwide.

Everclear Tackles Tough Regulations:

Despite widespread success amongst drinkers worldwide, challenges arose for Everclear due to concerns over its potency as a result of various incidents involving underage drinking and potential health risks, leading some state governments to restrict availability or ban sales outright(37 states to be exact). Due to Federal regulations, Everclear cannot be sold or consumed in California, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan and New Hampshire. Everclear 151 (which is 75.5% ABV and more widely available) was created as a substitute for customers that lived out of state and wanted something stronger than it’s counterpart Everclear 95 %ABV.

Innovation with Everclear:

The powerful punch that comes along with the massive alcohol content of Everclear results in making it perfect for creating unique and innovative cocktails. Those who are skilled mixologists have experimented with the spirit over the years have come up with some creative recipes – from “fruit-infused” martinis to elaborate shot combinations such as “Green Death” containing three types of mixer cordials mixed together with a dash of lime juice.Evercrispaholics will argue; however way one differs to consume or use it remains an ample amount fun – safely.


Everclear has certainly come a long way since its inception back in 1953. The original grain alcohol has evolved into becoming synonymous when searching for strong easy “pour shots”. The spirit’s high alcohol content makes it perfect as an ingredient to create delicious yet potent cocktails. Despite facing tough restrictions due to safety concerns among various states, the innovation around its creation still continues on account of being creative even amongst variance limitations- understandable given how integral everclear has become for die-hard appreciators all over the world revolving around hearty drinks and experimental concoctions enjoyed during measured portions by those who appreciate a good power shake upon consumption!

Top Recipes Using Everclear 120 Proof That You Must Try

Are you tired of using the same old liquor in your cocktails and recipes? Do you want to try something different, with a higher proof and unique flavor profile? Look no further than Everclear 120 proof.

Everclear is grain alcohol that has an incredibly high alcohol content. In fact, it’s one of the strongest liquors available on the market. With its clear taste, neutral flavor profile and versatile nature, Everclear is a great addition to any home bar. Here are some delicious recipes that use Everclear 120 proof:

1) Infused Cocktails: Create your own infused cocktail by mixing your favorite fruits or herbs with Everclear. The high alcohol content ensures that the flavors are well extracted and fully developed over a short amount of time. Some popular infusions include blueberry, peach, apple cinnamon, and even bacon.

2) Limoncello: This tangy Italian liqueur can be made easily at home with only a few ingredients including lemon zest, sugar syrup, water- and most importantly -Everclear 120 proof. The end result is perfect for sipping straight up after dinner or as in ingredient in other cocktails such as martinis.

3) Homemade Vanilla Extract: Who knew making vanilla extract was so easy? All you need is a bottle of Everclear 120 proof which will extract quickly all the vanilla flavors from fresh beans resulting in cleaner tasting baked good later on. Just mix some of it with pure vanilla pods, let them sit for several weeks (or more), strain out any particles – voila!

4) Flaming Turtle Shot (or dessert cocktail): This recipe calls for ice cream, caramel sauce & chocolate sauce topped off with flaming caramelized 151 rum but why stop at 151 when we have more powerful option like Everlcear at hand? Replace rum with equal part evercrlear; optional but highly recommend lighting on fire before consuming!

5) Fruit Brandies: Fruit, particularly cherries, apricots or raspberries can be made into brandy that will keep forever! They are simple to make – just mix Everclear 120 proof with sugar, water, and fresh fruit (which should also include the pits!) and allow it to steep in a cool dark place for a few months. When ready pass through cheesecloth leaving behind stone slivers for safety.

Everclear 120 proof is a versatile ingredient that can help take your cocktails and cooking to the next level. So why not give these recipes a try? Who knows what great flavors you’ll discover by experimenting with Everclear. Just remember that this liquor should be used responsibly always sparingly – drink wisely my friends!

Table with useful data:

Brand Name Strength Proof Size Price Range
Everclear 120 Proof 60% 120 750 mL $20-$25
Everclear 190 Proof 95% 190 750 mL $20-$25
Golden Grain 190 95% 190 750 mL $20-$25

Information from an expert

As an expert in the field of spirits, I can attest to the potency and unique flavor profile of Everclear 120 proof. This high-proof grain alcohol is not meant for casual sipping or mixing, but rather for specific applications such as creating homemade tinctures, infusing liquors and bitters, or using as a base for cocktails that require a strong kick. It’s important to remember that Everclear should be used responsibly and in moderation due to its high alcohol content. As with any spirit, be sure to read the label and follow proper safety guidelines when handling Everclear 120 proof.

Historical fact: Everclear 120 proof, a highly concentrated grain alcohol, was first introduced in the United States in the late 19th century and has since been used for industrial purposes, medicinally as a solvent, and recreationally as a popular drinking choice amongst college students.